Stem Cell Therapy Is For Real And It Could Soon To Be Readily Available!

Q: What if heart attack survivors could grow new heart muscle?
Q: What if cancer patients didn’t need chemo or radiation?
Q: What if you could grow new knee cartilage instead of having a total knee replacement?
Q: What if stroke victims could grow replacement brain cells?
Q: What if failing kidneys no longer required dialysis?
Q: What if this one health care company, Life Stem Genetics (LIFS) establishes itself now as the leader in this amazing biotech revolution?

A: Buy shares of LIFS now, while it’s still under $2 and you could turn $10,000 into $40,000 in the next 6-9 months!

Fellow Investor:

Life Stem Genetics (LIFS) is a new breed of health care company that’s focused on healing with a patient’s own “Adult Stem Cells”. The company’s goal is to establish state-of-the-art stem cell clinics all across America and throughout the world, including Asia and the Middle East, in order to make the miracle of stem therapy available to the millions who could benefit from it.

The stem cell market is projected to be worth $75 billion next year!

And it appears to me as if Life Stem Genetics is alone in its quest to make revolutionary stem cell therapies available throughout the entire world.

The company’s mission is to create a solid comprehensive approach to the treatment and maintenance of diseases and to break free from the medical insurance world by tapping into an affordable private- pay sector delivering exceptional health care free from the medical insurance maze.

It Works!
And the whole world now has access to it.

For years, the world’s leading medical researchers have known that stem cells have the potential to successfully treat a variety of ailments, but until recently, those therapies were mostly limited to research hospitals and university medical laboratories.

At Harvard University, regenerative biologist, Dr. Douglas Melton, co-founded the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, known for its world leadership in the stem cell field.

The strong financial backing of industry titans, Bill and Melinda Gates, the founders of Microsoft, has provided crucial monetary fuel to help make stem cell therapy a reality.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is working to speed the use of new stem cell technologies. Dr. Orin Levine, formerly of Johns Hopkins, is the foundation’s director of stem cell delivery.
Recent Nobel Prize Laureates, Sir John Bertrand Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka, are unifying the academic power bases of Europe and Asia in accord with America’s drive for globalizing Adult Stem Cell therapies. From Cambridge to Kyoto, respectively, Gurdon and Yamanaka are making great strides in Adult Stem Cell science in unanimity with our National Institute of Health’s Center for Regenerative Medicine.

Now, Life Stem Genetics Is Making
Stem Cell Therapy A Reality!

Life Stem Genetics now has some 60 Affiliate Clinics where it offers proprietary, cutting-edge and painless adult stem cell therapies to treat many different illnesses:

  • *Because the projected return on investment of the global stem cell industry is already in the $Billions, I'll wait to put a specific price target on Life Stem Genetics (LIFS) so I don't have to keep raising it. Now is the time to make your initial buy on LIFS. Our initial valuation of Life Stem's future market share is well above the current near $1 price level and increasing.

    For orthopedic injuries, regenerating and repairing tissue,
  • Neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Stroke, Autism, Bi-Polar disorder, Brain damage and tumors,
  • Cardiology, heart disease,
  • Cancer,
  • Dermatology,
  • Plastic Surgery, for the regeneration of capillaries and collagen,
  • Age Management,
  • Arthritis,
  • Diabetes,
  • COPD, lung conditions,
  • MS,
  • Urology, including impotence,\
  • Baldness, Podiatry, andVeterinary applications for pets, and thoroughbred race horses.

Stem cells have now been proven to successfully treat HIV and they will no doubt continue to break through other health barriers as research continues.

The human body has an absolutely astonishing ability to repair itself, far greater than any pharmaceutical or manufactured treatment ever devised by man. So it’s no wonder that the proverbial fountain of youth is found in our own stem cells, which, by the way are now available in near limitless quantities.

Already, the proprietary stem cell therapies developed by Life Stem Genetics have demonstrated some of the best results in the industry, helping to repair or re-program damaged or diseased tissues and organs.

Already The Leader In Stem Cell Therapy!

LIFS highly trained Cell Specialists, associated with Life Stem, have performed 1,000s of treatments involving adult stem cells on patients that include some of the top names in PGA golf, NFL football, NBA basketball, and Major League Baseball.

Life Stem Genetics, Inc. now offers its proprietary treatments through a series of affiliate doctors, and medical clinics, with 60 clinics so far. And the number of clinics could grow rapidly as more-knowledgeable health care consumers continue to look beyond big pharma and Obamacare for answers.

Consider the facts that...

This Stock Has “Takeover” Written All Over It!

The pharmaceutical giants are already late to this stem cell party!

Once threatened by the anti-drug promise of stem cell therapy, big-pharma now has no choice but to jump on the band wagon.

But they’re already too far behind, and stakes are too high to reinvent the wheel. They can’t possibly hope to overcome the current technology lead maintained by innovators like Life Stem Genetics (LIFS).

It makes sense for one of the majors to simply open its acquisition checkbook rather than try and play catch up!

How much might LIFS fetch?

My best forecast calls for $9.09 a share for a stock at the low end… though the biotech space is famous for $20+ buyouts… that’s why hurrying could be your best move ever while , LIFS trades at under $2.

Because, who knows what could happen down the road a bit.

If, say Merck and Johnson & Johnson, were to go at it in an all-out bidding war over Life Stem’s proprietary stem cell therapies, you might even see a hammer price way above $9.09.

And to put that into perspective for you, LIFS shares likely still trade under $2 today...

You Could Turn $10,000
Into As Much As $45,450!

The Science Behind LIFS’s Stem Cell Therapy.
(Why buying LIFS stock now is a solid investment)

Because I’m suggesting you may want to move some of your hard-earned money into LIFS, I believe I owe you an explanation of some of the basics of how and why it all works. I’ll try and keep it as simple as possible, but I do hope you’ll try and stay with me. After all, this is amazing and cutting edge science:

What is a stem cell?

A stem cell is a cell that has the potential to replicate endlessly and to morph into a different type of cell. Stem cells have the ability to change into various kinds of tissues based on their environment.

There are many different types of stem cells.

Embryonic (or fetal) stem cells are taken from unborn or unwanted embryos, and there is substantial political and moral controversy surrounding their use.

Life Stem does not use embryonic stem cells.

Another kind is known as "adult” stem cells. They were first discovered in the bone marrow. But only a small percentage of bone marrow stem cells have the ability to generate all the different types of tissues.

However, Life Stem Genetics says it has pioneered the use of another type of stem cell that can be taken from body fat (or adipose tissue). It is overloaded with the exactly the most desirable kind of stem cells. Estimates put fat-derived stem cells to be at least 50% more numerous than from bone marrow.

What are Adult Stem Cells?

Adult Stem Cells have the ability to replace dying cells and regenerate damaged tissue. These special cells seek out areas of injury, disease and damage where they are capable of rejuvenating healthy cells and enhancing a patient's natural healing process.

What’s actually involved with one of these therapies?

Before you consider a move into Life Stem, you need to know how easy and painless this is for the patient.

First, fat is drawn out with a syringe, similar to a micro lipo suction, using a local anesthesia.

The stem cells are separated from the adipose tissue, using a centrifuge. Then Life Stem uses its proprietary protocol to activate the stem cells, achieving the highest stem cell counts in the industry.

The activated stem cells are then re-introduced into the patient using an IV drip, or in some cases, direct injection. Patients are on their way in about 4 hours, with minimal discomfort.

How Do Life Stem’s Adult Stem Cell Therapies Actually Heal?

The scientific community now recognizes that adult stem cells have the ability to stay dormant (inactive) in the body for years until some type of injury or disease turns them on. Receptors on the stem cells allow them to migrate to areas that need healing and effect change in that area. Scientists are still unsure if stem cells transform themselves into the specific tissue needed for repair or if they somehow communicate with existing tissues to initiate healing.

Adult stem cells appear to be particularly effective at repairing cartilage in degenerated joints and healing damaged eye tissue.

LIFS says its highly trained cell technicians at Life Stem clinics are able to obtain high numbers of adult stem cells from a person's own fat. Stem cell counts vary from patient to patient, but the company reports always having had a count over 10 million and average counts are well over 100 million stem cells. This is many times more than could ever be obtained through bone marrow extraction (even after culture).

Life Stem Genetics has been at the cutting edge of research to discover the enormous healing potential within these adult stem cells. And, adult stem cells are now being used for a variety of medical treatments to repair and regenerate acute and chronically damaged tissues. And here’s the thing...

These Therapies Often Work
When All Else Has Failed!

If you’re a cancer patient, that could be life-altering news!

If you’re an opportunistic investor, searching for the next really big thing – like the birth of the microchip era – this is also really good news. Because...

Just as the microchip has changed the world in
ways we could not have imagined, an even more
earth-shaking revolution could now be upon us!

Because, the advent of stem-cell therapy has the
potential to shake the very foundation of the
way we approach disease and aging.

This is not balderdash… not some microcap marketing.

Because, established medical clinics across the globe now use stem cell in therapy to treat a variety of chronic degenerative conditions. These include severe neurologic diseases, eye problems, renal failure, erectile dysfunction, degenerative orthopedic problems, and even cardiac and pulmonary diseases.

Keep in mind that the “self-harvesting” of your own Adult Stem Cells (ASC’s) for treating YOU is actually nothing new. It’s been around for decades with roughly 1 million patients in the U.S. alone being successfully treated via ASC’s since the mid-1980’s.

WHAT IS NEW is the “methodology” by which Life Stem is harvesting adult stem cells and then re-injecting them into the patient – either intravenously or via direct injection into afflicted areas.

Which is why Life Stem Genetics (LIFS) is my #1 pick for potentially expansive shareholder gains as the company begins setting up ASC clinics all over the world utilizing its innovative Adult Stem Cell Self-Harvesting approach. Best of all, since the stem cells being used are your own, there’s zero risk of your body rejecting the treatment! The same cannot be said for embryonic stem cell procedures.

Opportunity: One Major Press Release Could

Send LIFS Up…Up…Up!


*Because the projected return on investment of the global stem cell industry is already in the $Billions, I'll wait to put a specific price target on Life Stem Genetics (LIFS) so I don't have to keep raising it. Now is the time to make your initial buy on LIFS. Our initial valuation of Life Stem's future market share is well above the current near $1 price level and increasing.

I think of all that Life Stem Genetics (LIFS) has already accomplished – and then I remember the stock is trading under $2 per share. It’s exciting to me that one of humanity’s greatest opportunities can also be one of the most profitable investments — EVER. I don’t have to tell you what success means in the field of Adult Stem Cell therapies. The potential to successfully treat and potentially cure some of the most debilitating diseases known to man can translate to life-changing gains for well-timed, properly positioned investors.

Life Stem Has The Potential For Your Earlier Retirement.

I believe that if you let this opportunity pass you by, you’ll regret it for years to come. That’s something I hope you’ll instinctively want to avoid.

Rarely am I this enthusiastic about a microcap stock – but LIFS has huge upside potential written all over it. Just as Medbox did this time a year ago.

A microcap on the OTCBB, it soared from $3.45 to more than $214 in just days before settling down to trade above $20.

And yes, I’m cherry picking Medbox. But, It is just another reminder of the sudden fortunes that can be built with microcap stocks.

Because it could define a new market – potentially claiming the market for itself – Life Stem displays strong signs of becoming a massive stock market success story.

I recommend you move on LIFS now. Buy only what you’re comfortable with and then watch it. I’m confident you’ll soon be adding to your position once you see the immense profit potential in-play.

The Next Move Is Yours...

Timing is everything in the stock market. Wall Street operates on a “herd” mentality. Once they see something big, they all rush in at the same time. Yet, I’ve always said that the largest shareholder gains go to those with the foresight to buy early BEFORE the secret’s out – when the share-price is still at bargain basement prices. That time is NOW.

Andy Carpenter

Co-Editor, The Wall Street Revelator

P.S. Act now. . .a big-pharma take over could send this stock soaring at any moment. Get in now while you can still get LIFS under $2 a share.

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